Frequently Asked Questions

Patient Portal

What is the Patient Portal? The patient portal is a service to our patients to allow them direct access to their medical records and the doctors’ office. They may choose to use this as little or as much as they want and can communicate to us how they prefer to be contacted. However, they should be reassured that we will remained staffed as always and are available as before by phone. Watch a promotional video tutorial on the patient portal, here.

How patients can use:

      • View Medent chart from home or out of town including personal information, insurance information, medications, problem list, history documents, labs and more.
      • Request and cancel appointments.
      • Request refills and update medication and allergy list.
      • Update family and personal history document.
      • Communicate a non-urgent clinical or billing question to their doctor or staff.

 How Dallastown Medical Associates can use:

      • Providers can send a message to a patient along with lab and x-ray results.
      • School and work notes can be sent to patients.
      • Lab/x-ray orders and patient education can be sent directly to patients.
      • Patients can be reminded of upcoming appointments.
      • Doctors and staff can reply to patients’ clinical, scheduling and billing questions.

How do I activate my Patient Portal? Please contact our office at 717-244-4531, to receive your portal activation code. Then click here to be connected to our patient portal log in screen, and choose "Activate Account". For a more in depth review of how to activate your portal account, please view this video tutorial.

 What do I do if I forget my Patient Portal login? Select the forgot login name link on the patient portal login page. Fill in the form to create a new login name and password. Follow this video tutorial or contact our office for more help.

What do I do if I forget my Patient Portal password? Select the forgot password link on the patient portal login page. Enter your email address and login name. You will then receive an email with a link to reset your password. Review this video tutorial or contact our office for more help. 

 Additional Patient Portal Tutorials:


How to find lab results/immunizations/referrals on the portal? 

Directions could vary depending on the type of device being used to access the portal. You may also need to enable your pop-up blocker if you have difficulty opening anything.


Step 1: Sign in to the portal

Step 2: Click "chart" located on the menu on the left hand side of the screen and a new menu will open. *on a smart phone or tablet you may need to click on the word "menu" at the top to get the menu to open up 

Step 3: Select the boxes to the left of the "test results". *At the top of this menu there is also a drop down box where you can specify a date range. The default is the past year. 

Step 4: After selecting what you want, click "view" at the bottom of the menu and it will populate the results. They can then be printed by clicking the printer icon in the top right hand corner or on a cell phone you can click and hold on the results to  view options for printing and/or saving. 

Note: Only open referrals will show for a patient to view in the portal.